4×8 scratch and dent assembled (galv & black)
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4′ x 8′ Hot Dipped Galvanized & Black Powder-Coated Folding Trailer (assembled) -homemade

$1,142.00 CDN

Full trailer frame, with lights, and tires; used to transport bigger items. Many boaters or people storing their trailer outdoors prefer this rust resistant trailer (comes with the exclusive fender upgrade kit for front of fenders, rears can be purchased separately)

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4 X 8 Folding Trailer

4 X 8 Folding Trailer frame, complete with LED lights, and tires with 2000 pounds flat bed capacity in a true 4′ x 8′ bed size! This trailer is made up of new spare parts, some are galvanized and some are black powder-coated.  This trailer doesn’t come with a VIN# paperwork and would be registered at the MTO as a homemade trailer.

Exclusive from us only, you receive a fender bracket upgrade for the front fenders to reduce fender fatigue and breakage.

Built by our certified Mechanical Technologist!

Our Mechanical Technologist ensures the trailer has proper torquing, tire pressure, and lubing.  As well this trailer comes with upgraded electrical that ensures fool-proof grounding with lights that work 100% of the time.  The upgraded electrical has great quality wires and all wires are soldered and heat shrunk, and topped with a protective plastic sheathing to protect the wires from the weather, debris, and rubbing against the trailer frame.  Proper hangers are also used to secure the electrical from the trailer frame allowing the trailer to fold with the upgrade installed.  Each end of the fenders is reinforced with our new and exclusive fender bracket upgrade, reducing fender fatigue and breakage!


Trailers Come With:

Full 4 X 8 folding trailer frame, 2 tires, class II coupler and chain, license plate holder, 4 flat wire connection, hardware for the trailer frame, LED lights, comes with an electrical package but we recommend our grounding upgrade kit for fool proof grounding, larger 5 bolt wheel design 12 inch wheels 5.3” diameter 1050 pounds capacity a tire, cast hubs, LED lights, folding A frame (for folding trailer design only).


4 X 8 Folding Trailer Attributes:

Tilts to ground, foldable, when folded is 6’ high from ground which makes the 4 X 8 folding trailer easily storable in low ceiling area spaces, folds onto permanent movable castor wheels for easy transport. Made of heavy-duty steel frame with curled edges and solid axle for added strength; coatings are very durable. When folded up, water rolls off this trailer so to avoid excess rust.  Takes up just only 2 feet of depth of space when folded, Heavy-duty 3 Leaf axle springs for heavy loads, frame has built-in stakes for sidewall assembly.


Buy with Confidence:

All of our trailers come with all of the proper paperwork (Bill of Sale and NVIS) to license your trailer; all taxes and tariffs paid in the price of the trailer, you just pay for your plate (under $100) at the MTO.  Our trailers meet or exceed all necessary requirements needed to obtain proper ownership and title from the Ministry of Transportation. *C.S.A and D.O.T compliant.

4 X 8 Folding Trailer assembly

Model  4′ x 8′ Folding  Trailer
Material Steel
Finish Hot Dipped Galvanized
Bed Tilt Yes
Foldable Yes
Assembly Required Yes
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 1980 lbs
Weight of Trailer 243 lbs
Maximum Working Load 1737 lbs
Tongue Weight 15 lbs
Tire Size 5.30 – 12 (6 Ply Radial)
Tire Load Rating Load Range “C” – Max Load 1050 lbs at 80 PSI (per tire)
Tire Speed Rating N – 140 km/h
Rim Bolt Pattern 5 on 4 1/2″
Suspension Leaf Spring (3 Leaf per Spring)
Trailer Dimensions 11′ 8″ x 5′ 4″ x 2′ (L x W x H)
Trailer Dimensions When Folded 5′ 4″ x 2′ x 6′ 2″ (L x W x H)
Trailer Deck Dimensions 4′ x 8′
Deck Height 1′ 8 1/2″ (From Ground)
Coupler Height 1′ 8″ (From Ground to Top of Ball)
Accessories Included LED Lights, Wiring, 2″ Class II Coupler, Safety Chain, Hardware
Wire Connection 4-Flat


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4 X 8 Folding Trailer